Popular Foods and Things To Do In The Great State Of Texas

There are few things that visitors enjoy more on their trips to Texas than the food. Texas has its own unique cuisine put together from various influences that contributed to Texas culture. If you're planning on visiting Texas in the near future, especially Austin, one of its cultural capitals, then be sure to put some local Texas restaurants on your list of places to visit. You won't be disappointed. This website will help introduce you to some of the staples of Texas cuisine and the most popular places to eat in our great state. One of our favorite recipes can be found here.

Texas is a state that contains people of many different cultural backgrounds, having immigrated here as early as the 1700s and as late as last week. The cuisine of Texas takes its cue from the people - it's made up of many different influences, incorporating some Italian, some Mexican, some Native American, and some German food influences as well as a few things of its own. Put together they add up to a unique food tradition that is often imitated elsewhere on the continent, but the food is never as good as when you get it right here in Texas.

One of the most popular types of food in Texas is known as Tex Mex, where Mexican traditional cooking is combined with modern American taste. In Tex Mex, you use combine meats with melted cheeses, beans, flatbreads, and spices that are toned down from what you would normally see in Mexico. If you want to eat Tex Mex, order nachos, quesadillas, chili, tacos, fajitas, or burritos at one of the many restaurants in Texas. This type of cuisine is so popular that is has spread far beyond Texas.

There's also another traditional type of Texas cooking you should only attempt to enjoy if you've got good, solid taste buds. Food and beverage PR experts and caterers in other parts of the world often imitate it, but there's nothing quite so delicious as a real Texas barbecue. You can get Texas barbecue in a restaurant, but the best way to enjoy it is to go to an old fashioned cookout where a whole steer is barbecued and served up fresh. Beef and brisket are the most common things to barbecue in Texas on account of its cattle rearing heritage.

You may also recognize some other unique-to-Texas dishes from television and movies, such as Frito pie, a casserole made with corn chips, jalapenos, melted cheese, rice, salsa, and chili; chili con carne, a stew made from ground beef, chili peppers, and tomatoes; and chicken fried steak, which is a breaded, pan-fried steak similar to a schnitzel. All these Texas dishes are worth a try, so take a break from your job to come on down to Texas and try them. We know where all the best restaurants are, and if you can't make it, we might be persuaded to part with a recipe you can try at home. Bon appetite!

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